This may be the best FAST face mask I've found to date. It's EASY. It takes half the time of other easy masks. It's comfortable. It fits well. I'm a FAN and highly recommend it. I do have a few small changes I've made to it that I'll share with you below. 

MY notes on the Best fast face mask

This is now my favorite FAST mask. I love the ties!!!  I've made several prototypes and  have some opinions to share. 

There is ONE downside to the mask ... it takes 3 squares/ layers of fabric to make it BUT ... the 3 layers is what makes it so fast to make! It’s a brilliant design. So personally, I’ll sacrifice the 3rd 8x11 in square of fabric in order to make this mask at super speed. 

Here are my changes and comments. You'll understand once you watch the video above. 

1)  I think the mask needs to be wider to make sure to seal the sides of the face. If I cut it 8x11 (instead of her 8x10)  I can cut four pieces WOF (width of fabric) and it covers the side of the face better. So I cut 1 strip 11” wide WOF, (width of fabric) then sub cut the strip into 8” pieces. I tried 7x10 and I think you need the 8” height to adequately tuck under your chin. 

2) I think the cord length needs to be 60” instead of 55” for ease of tying quilckly. Alternately, you can put a double hole slider onto the two ends to cinch the ties tight. I'll share a video about that elsewhere. 

3) It's very important to not skimp on the 3/4” fold over on the sides. The cord must slip through it EASILY to pull it tight. So make sure to sew it right near the edge - almost top stitching it. Keep that cord channel loose! It was too tight on the first mask I made and it was difficult to get one side to pull because the channel was too narrow. 

4) For the tie cord I first used 3mm macrame cord which worked well and is ridiculously inexpensive. Next I tried synthetic clothesline and it slides better, but it’s more expensive. Finally I made it with  550 paraglide cord and that slides the most smoothly,  and it’s inexpensive on a large spool.  But all are more than satisfactory. 

5) There is a trick to pulling the mask tight. ... this is the one and only thing that concerns me making it in bulk. I think it would need a little instruction, or a YouTube link. But once you do it it's easy. 

My favorite mask is still the Olson mask.  But it takes about 20-25 minutes to make, and I can make this one in 12 minutes flat.  So if you have a lot of masks to make for family and friends, this is my vote. Because it's important to wash a face mask AFTER EVERY USE it's also important to make enough masks so people can throw it in the wash and still have a fresh mask to wear. 

I'll look forward to your comments and feel to ask questions.