UPDATE for Art in the Park

July 13 & 14 Saturday & Sunday from 9:00-4:00

We're starting the countdown to our Art in the Fundraiser in early July! We hope you're all doing well on your projects.  

We are asking that all items be turned in no later than at the guild meeting in June. You can either bring them to the guild meeting on Thursday night, to the Saturday workshop, or drop them off to Ruth Burke anytime beforehand.  Call or text her at 970-846-7287.

We're trying to get an estimate of how many, and what kind of items we'll have for sale. We would greatly appreciate it if you would write a quick email to DMQGSS@gmail.com to let us know what you're making and approximately how many.  Ruth's husband John has volunteered to make some display racks for our booth and it would be very helpful to know what goods we'll have.  

We want you to know that we're beyond grateful for your time and effort in making items to sell at our booth.  

The DMQG Board of Directors


art in the park fundraiser

In 2017, at our first Art in the Park Fundraiser, we made over $2700 dollars.  And that was largely from bowls! We also sold a lot of quilt raffle tickets (a definite plus). The average cost of bringing in a national speaker is between $1500 and $2500 and we try to bring in 3 major speakers a year. Hence the reason we do things to raise money. 

This year we are trying to do things a little differently. 

At the last Art in the Park our then president Donine Schwartz did a pretty thorough search of all the booths at the festival, and what she noticed is that there were very few booths dedicated to ‘kid stuff’. There are a lot of families who are visiting our fair city, and it’s also the weekend of the big Hot Air Balloon balloon festival which pulls in a lot of tourists. So children’s items should sell well to parents and grandparents.  

In addition, we sold out of all our ‘pet related items’ the first day. Steamboat is, after all, dog city.   

We are asking the guild members to make some things to sell in our booth at the Art in the Park festival. Of course, what you choose to make is up to you ... we’ll be delighted to sell anything you are gracious enough to make. But here are some ideas to consider:


Baby and small child items: baby quilts, bib sets, diaper bags, cloth books, nursery/child’s room wall hangings. A way to present baby items might be to make a gift set - baby quilt, bib, small (easy) diaper bag and wrap it in ribbon and sell it as a gift item for a shower or new baby;  Quilts for boys - the complaint is that there are too few things that are boy related, so perhaps a bed spread for a small boy.  

Pet related items: Terrie Meeks is making dog bowl mats. Cathy Gero is making Cat Chair Mats with catnip. Both of these items flew out of our tent last time! Other ideas are dog walking bags that have a grommet for poop baggies, dog treat bags, fabric leashes and collars, fun dog scarves perhaps embellished with embroidered sayings for those of you who have an embroidery machine, beds for cats and dogs ... 

Hostess gifts/Home Decor:  There is always a market for small hostess gifts that  

are packaged with ribbon ... like hot pad and oven mitt sets, embroidered towels, bowls. Good home decor items might be placemats and matching table runner sets, or just table runners; throw quilt in neutral colors; aprons (the French cross back aprons from Sew Steamboat sold very well last time), bowl cozy’s ...  

Personal Items: Women like bags - we have a number of darling shoulder bags that Holly Rogers and Paula Black made, but some totes might sell well also, as well as smaller bags if they’re functional, like a cosmetic bag, or a crafting bag; hobo sling bags are popular at all the markets; small backpack bags in bright colors as gift ideas for young children;  

The point of this list is that there are a lot of easy, creative things to make for sale. You don’t have to make a ton - anything you can donate will help raise money. Keep children’s items and pet things at the front of your mind ... I think Donine may be right.  

We would like to have items ready by the June guild meeting - we will need a little time to price and tag all the items. Ruth Burke will house the items at her house until the time of the sale. You can reach her at 970-846-7287 if you have any questions or want to drop off some goods.  

Thank you in advance for your generosity and your creativity. 

JULY 13 & 14 Saturday and Sunday from 9-4