The county fair is almost upon us so we're making a small change to the August Guild Meeting ... instead of our regularly scheduled meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month we're moving the guild meeting to the 4th Thursday. That way it won't coincide with Fair Week. So same time, same place, one week later. 

This month's guild meeting is a social meeting ... a time to bring all your fair quilts and show off your beautiful work. We'll sit in a big circle, relax and enjoy each other's company.  There is no workshop this month.

We're asking whoever can to bring something to share for a snack - a baked good or a finger food. Those of you who have birthdays on months when we don't meet - or those who haven't been here on your birthday - it would be very sweet if you would bring something for this meeting. We really want to make this a special - and relaxing - meeting. 

AND ... last but certainly not least ... we would like to spend a little time not on business, but talking about some changes we'd like to see happen in the guild. As most of you know, the guild as it is requires a fair amount of fund raising, and therefore a lot of work. We'd like to have as many you as possible attend this meeting so we can spend a little time talking about some ways we might be able to make the guild a little less work and a lot more sociable and fun.