25th Anniversary Group Quilt Project

As you know this is the Quilt Guild's 25th Anniversary Year! Yay us! For the 20th anniversary the guild members created a group project called A River Runs Through It - a collection of art quilts featuring the Yampa River - which will be on display at the Art Depot in the month of June. For this anniversary we're asking members to help us create a group art quilt project called My Favorite Vacation.

We're asking you to create a small art quilt about your favorite vacation.  Let your creative juices flow! There are no rules except regarding size.

The size of the quilt should be NO LARGER THAN 24x24 ... but may be any size UP TO that size and any variation  of shape as long as no side is larger than 24" 

Quilts are due by the end of the year at the guild party in November. Contact Tami Buskirk for more information.