Bring-a-friend membership campaign

We average between 45-65 guild members in any given year, with about 40 of them local. Our goal is to build the guild. To do that Nancy came up with the idea of a Bring-a-Friend campaign. If our members would each reach out to invite a friend to come to a guild meeting, or sign up for a workshop, it would help spread the word of this wonderful group of women who love quilting.  

We made business card sized ‘pass along’ cards that have the guild information on the front and back. In addition, there is a space to write in your name and number. If you would keep a few of these cards in your wallet, when you meet someone and have an opportunity to invite them to a guild event, give them a card with your name and number. Then if the person comes you will get ‘credit’ for bringing that friend or acquaintance.  

Chris Hensen, our membership chair, will keep track of who comes and who referred them. At the end of the year we’ll tally up the numbers and award the person who referred or brought the most people. There will no longer be a charge for guests to attend guild meetings, although they will have to pay for workshops.  

Quilting is a wonderful hobby, and many people would love it if they knew more about it. You might even get them to volunteer. So help us pass the word along to others in our community.